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We are on fire. not literally, but figuratively

vDesignly LLC is an Information Technology company focused on selling and developing high-quality web solutions. The firm is based in Nashville, TN, as of September 2021. The company was originally founded in Estonia and went by the name vDisain (entity name Web Design Agency OÜ) but quickly grew big enough to tackle new challenges. vDisain in Estonia, based on several years of experience in the field, was founded in 2020 by Oliver Reinaas and Jan Jaanson. The name comes from the Estonian word for web (veeb) and design (disain) – a simple add-together to get vDisain, which was the main motivator for the name vDesignly. Coming from Estonia, which is a small country but has been leading in digital solutions for decades: being an e-country where huge names like Skype and Transferwise originate from, we are driven to raise the standard of web solutions in the US and worldwide. We believe that with the experienced team we have combining our knowledge of customer communication, sales and web development, we are able to bring a new quality standard to websites and online stores.

Founders story

Oliver & Jan

Oliver Reinaas had been selling books with Southwestern Advantage in differents states in the US for three summers and found himself in an interesting situation when the first wave of Covid-19 hit. The work and travel program to sell books was cancelled and he was leading a sales team back in Estonia. After that he realized that there must be some form of sales you can do that isn’t heavily affected by the virus and can be done anywhere. With these thoughts in mind he stumbled into his old classmate – Jan Jaanson. He found out that Jan had been selling websites in Estonia for several years and already had knowledge in the field, as well as a good network of people. And that’s when the ideas clicked – why don’t we combine the sales and leadership together with the technical knowledge and start up a new company selling web solutions? 

Oliver quickly found that there is a big gap in the market and that most companies providing this service were missing something – sales and customer communication. That was the main reason behind vDisain’s success: our approach. With Oliver’s experience in sales and managing sales people the team and revenue grew rapidly and in just six months we were bigger than an average web development company that had been around for 10+ years.

The thought of expanding to US came pretty naturally: half of the team have done sales in the US and after a brief market research we saw that compared to Estonia, the US had a far bigger gap in the same market. That’s when we set out to take our experience, our quality and provide the same level of service in the USA.

Future perspective

Who we are

The team consists of over 24 driven and highly motivated young project managers, designers, developers. The average age of a team member is just 25! We are growth-oriented –  fixated on improving ourselves daily so we could provide the best quality of service to our customers.

The team has a combined 30+ years of selling books with the Southwestern Advantage work and travel program, which has been the foundation for our knowledge in sales and communication.

With that as the foundation we are seeking to become the best-known web solution company in the US with impeccable service which reflects our core values:

–          Customer relations

–          Honesty and transparency

–          Overdelivery

–          Creating value with innovative ideas

Thank you for joining us in this journey!

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United States, Nashville

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